[Value Cards, 2017]

Set of graphics depicting values for personal use.


[Digital Collages, 2016-2017]

Experimental graphics for personal use.


The National Fund for the United States Botanic Garden

[Website, 2017]

Website redesign for The National Fund for the United States Botanic Garden, the financial supporter and provider of educational programs for the US Botanic Garden.

WEBSITE [] to present information about the fund, promote upcoming events, and direct visitors to donate


Color of Change

[Website, 2017]

Website design and branding consulting for Color Of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization.  

WEBSITE [] to highlight new organizational branding and guide users to build their own online petitions. 



[Various Supporting Graphics, 2016-2017]

Graphics developed for Hardly Un-Americana digital library and archive of Asian American art and culture.

WEBSITE [] hosting digital library resources and archive of artist bios
LOGO with multiple iterations
INSTAGRAM POSTS to introduce artwork by Asian diasporic and rooted artists


Oasis For Girls

[Promotional Materials, 2016]

Collateral designed for Oasis For Girlsa San Francisco-based non-profit that partners with young women and girls ages 14-17.

APPLICATION for the Springboard Series for Girls programs
> POSTCARDS displaying information gathered by the Summer 2016 ENVISION Career Exploration cohort


The Periphery

[Various Supporting Graphics, 2015]

Graphics developed for The Periphery, a Detroit-based monthly magazine featuring literary and visual arts.

> WEBSITE [www.theperipherymag.comto present new and archived issues
POSTERS to promote free monthly artist and writer workshops
INFOGRAPHICS to present information about (1) individuals' rights with law enforcement, in light of police misconduct across the US; (2) media conglomerates' excessive control over major entertainment awards


New Center Park

[Web Graphics, 2015]

Web promotion for New Center Park, a unique green space owned and operated by Midtown Detroit, Inc. that hosts free movie screenings, live music, and performances throughout the summer.

WEBSITE [] utilizing graphics developed by Good Done Daily. 
ONLINE NEWSLETTER for weekly event promotion


Vista Partnership

[Infographics, 2014]

Infographics developed to present survey results at community meeting about VISTA Partnership, a resident-centered development project across 20 blocks of Southwest Detroit.


Stephanie Chang For State Representative

[Campaign Literature, 2014]

Campaign material for Stephanie Chang, winning candidate for State Representative of Michigan House District 6.

WALK LITERATURE to hand out when doorknocking
PRE/POST WALK CARDS sent to constituents before and after doorknocking
ABSENTEE VOTER CHASE CARD sent to AV voters to remind them of mail-in deadline
DOORHANGER for Get Out The Vote canvassing


Springwells Village 

[Branding & Identity Creation, 2013]

Springwells Village neighborhood branding process led by Urban Neighborhood Initiatives.

> LOGO developed through multiple community focus groups
> POSTCARD with map of all eateries in the neighborhood
> BANNER for promotional tabling events
> WEBSITE [] with neighborhood eateries index, community resources, blog, press concerning the community, & event listing


State Voices

[Promotional Materials, 2013]

Materials for national network unity and promotion for State Voices, a nonpartisan network focused on civic engagement.

> BUSINESS CARD  redesign (providing employees with two alternatives for the back of their card)
> INFOGRAPHIC to send to state networks and funders



[Poster Design, 2010-2013]

Flyers developed for events hosted by Fighting Obstacles Knowing Ultimate Success [F.O.K.U.S.], a multicultural arts advocacy organization on University of Michigan's campus.


Urban Neighborhood Initiatives

[Infographics, 2012]

Infographic development for Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, a nonprofit community development organization based in Southwest Detroit, using data from their Quality of Life community survey & feedback process.


Coalition for Tuition Equality

[Campaign Material, 2012]

Material designed for Coalition for Tuition Equality's on-campus protests & actions in favor of more equitable access to the University of Michigan for undocumented students.

> POSTCARD  for "My Dream is Bigger Than..." campaign, to be filled out by students
> WEBSITE LAYOUT [visit version of website here] for "My Dream is Bigger Than..." campaign, with scrolling marquis of student responses and automatic email template to be sent to the regents (website creation & programming by Luke Zilioli
> POSTER for sit-in at the University Regents' meeting